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    Optical and Wireless Communications

    Design, develop, and understand the properties of various architectures
    for the next generation of optical and wireless networks.

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    Cloud and Edge Computing

    Development and evaluation of efficient algorithms and orchestration mechanisms.

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    Smart Grids

    Advanced management of smart energy grids,
    innovative energy market architectures

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    Data Center Technologies and Optical Interconnect

    High-performance switch architectures, data center architectures
    and technologies.

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    Software Tools Development

    Monitoring and management of cloud resources, desktop machines,
    mobile and IoT devices.

Welcome to High Speed Communication Networks Laboratory.

High Speed Communication Networks Laboratory (HSCNL) of the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the National Technical University of Athens, is developing solutions to some of the most challenging problems in networking, optical communications, data centers and cloud computing, and smart grids. The group has strong cooperation with other research centers, universities, industrial partners and important scientists worldwide. HSCNL is headed by Professor Emmanouel (Manos) Varvarigos, and has 5 Post-Doctoral researchers and over 10 students pursuing their PhD.

HSCNL’s research activities are in the areas of protocols and algorithms for high-speed networks, optical networking, high-performance switch architectures, data center architectures and technologies, grid and cloud computing, communication aspects of distributed computation, interconnection networks, smart energy grids, and wireless ad-hoc networks.

HSCNL’s members participate in over 30 European research projects in the areas of optical and wireless networking (H2020 ORCHESTRA as a coordinator, H2020 MARSAL, H2020 5G-PHOS, FP7 IDEALIST, FP7 Diconet, FP6 IP Phosphorus, FP7 NOE Bone, FP6 NOE e-Photon, IST-MUFINS), data centers (H2020 NEPHELE, FP7 PhoxTrot), grid/cloud computing (H2020 SERRANO as a coordinator, FP7 ORBIT, EGEE-I, EGEE-II, EGEE-III, EGI-InSPIRE, EMI) and smart energy grids (H2020 FLEXGRID as a coordinator, H2020 SOCIALENERGY as a coordinator, FP7 VIMSEN as a coordinator, FP7 GEN6). They have also participated in over 20 National research projects, often serving as the coordinator.