Publications : 2022-2023

Journal Articles

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Conference Proceedings

  1. I. Sartzetakis, P. Pantazopoulos, K. V. Katsaros, V. Sourlas, E. Varvarigos, Dynamic Edge/Cloud Resource Allocation for Distributed Computation under Semi-Static Demands," to appear in IEEE 2024 IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC 2024)
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Book Chapters

  1. P. Soumplis, P. Kokkinos, A. Kretsis, P. Nicopolitidis, G. Papadimitriou, E. A. Varvarigos, Resource Allocation Challenges in the Cloud and Edge Continuum, in Book Advances in Computing, Informatics, Networking and Cybersecurity, Honoring Professor Mohammad S. Obaidat, 2022, Springer Cham, pp. 443-464.